What this is all about

SkillHunter is all about helping you and your mates identify the most in-demand skills in the job market in order to find a new position as soon as possible. Cut the bullshit and prepare yourself in the most efficient way, no need to learn everything!

What if you asked yourself the wrong question: "What do I need to learn?" Whereas a better one could be: "What I don't need to learn?" The latter helps you save a ton of time by avoiding unnecessary work when time is the most valuable – at the very beginning of unknown – that's where the SkillHunter really shines.

Just try to search something like QA engineer and explore skills ranked by their frequency, where a number indicates how often companies ask for a particular skill.

For example, entering python developer and after a while you will get a result similar to the following:


Continuing the idea of how to help people quickly find a job in a rapidly changing world under the pressure of automation of labor-intensive work and AI in the creative industries, you can also upload the resume and allow SkillHunter to pick tailored vacancies that are sorted by the number of your unique skills identified in a vacancy description. It might give you a better perspective of the opportunities that lie ahead or shorten the transition period by highlighting positions to which you are eligible right now and those that require some stuff to learn.

Beyond that, there are still plenty of room for improvement though, including support for different file formats, integration with Telegram, sourcing more data about available jobs, expanding the handpicked list of skills to look for and recommendation of missing ones in the current skill set, additional API endpoints and the wish list goes on and on – which is why you still see the Beta badge next to the logo.

Nevertheless, you can already get a pretty interesting result and expect even more in the future:

Azure Managed Services Lead Engineer15
Application Developer14
Google Cloud Engineer14
Cloud Operations Manager13
Automation Engineer II12

⚠️ Privacy notice: your uploaded resume is loaded into memory and only stays there as long as you are on the page with tailored vacancies. Once you leave this page, your resume gets removed so that no personal data is stored within the system for a long time. To make sure it's true, dive into the source code available via the hyperlink in the footer.